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Wrong in the rainy season _ Xin Yue

The 6 brotherslive in the imperceptibly towards normal .The very next day morning I got up early in the morning and special .Not to get up at five .I wondered ,hate myself yesterday morning didn get up early ,to sit behind.
Think about Zhang Jing ,I do not know how, seem to feel that she was afraid ,and seem to think that we are very familiar with .It is thousands of years old old ,heart to heart ,thought fit .
Today is also strange, just get up and remember her. I slowly bed clothes under the bed ,washing the face, have a look the day ,dawn, I carry the bag, opened the door ,are getting ready to go to school .
Mothers talk nineteen to the dozen to pester me said :&quot ;Ma Yu! Be careful crossing the road !Don hh&quot ;later said that a lot .I also do not have a partner .But walking alone on the country road .
Since this year ,our village got me a Zhou Zhongsheng once .Because of this ,the parents in the village hold about and give oneself airs .I sing along a country lane, feeling very happy. I think many .
Think about the future, the future of a good .I am optimistic smile .I came to the school gate imperceptibly .Once bustling comprehensive secondary school ,now how to become so cold and cheerless .
? a closed, the way, the sparse several passers-by .Really sad !Suddenly my head as if it were raining flowers as dumb as a wooden chicken .I stood there ,be at a loss what to do .Just think this scene had been met, but so far ,as it is in the novel seen in scenes ,and like and I are closely related.
My head began to dim ,and gradually a picture to me slowly approaching ,I saw this in shreds and patches of the pavement,[turn] married detailed process ~ keep it ~ you don't have to, also can serve others planning, a red car rental came hurtling ,face to me. On both sides of the road, colorful flags fluttering ,dusty ,hot sun earth.
Road pedestrian walking seems to be out of spirits ,the sun god captured their soul .I suddenly cried out :&quot ;help! Help! Help! &quot ;rental still like crazy to drive to me .
The pedestrians completely indifferent .I slowly go to hell ,I have dizzy spells before dark, a door to the front. Just to hear the roar of a sound ,the door open .In a flash, light eats darkness.
Suddenly ,color satin floating and ,subsequently, a woman in a blue dress girl shelf cloud flying. Gently curled ,just a turn, the remainder around flowers .A hand to me, I was her suspension Free fall ,then stumble along on the floor, then the heavenly maids scatter blossoms.
,a murky sky over a dark earth ,it is raining cats and dogs. .said also strange, that liquid is bright red ,the sky was dyed pink ,the rosy clouds are slowly rising. .I from the ground slowly climbing up ,turns out to be a light hole .
I awake ,feel ,really early today .Just think of the illusion ,the heart is really a bit afraid .Gradually, pedestrians on the road more, before I leave it all behind ,or simply to think of before.
This day I did come so early ,I approached the teaching building ,two fan and anti-theft the door still in the dead sleep .This day as the sun slowly rises and falls ,farewell to the world .
It is a bright autumn acoustic nights .I ,I in quiet contemplation ,review today learned :Chemistry ,physics ,English ,Chinese .Today the last class is Chinese .As I thought ,with Mr.
Li Jianwu far away HH. I think the rain to Taishan not sincerely think of Du Department point .( will be extremely when Ling, list of small hills .) so that I deeply infected, gradually began to understand the pen was stormy ,poetry into the moving spirits of the style.
Tonight I want to have a lot of unusual ,. this probably because I and literature are indispensable source !At the start of the Taishan review board ,gradually think of Fu ,autumn autumn sound Fu ,from Fan Zhongyan thought that Yueyang Tower ,the sort of momentum intoxicates me ;the grand scenery let me long trapped in the lake of the sun and the moon in has not returned .
Tonight window faint moonlight fascinated me. Good beautiful, very yearning !Looking at the moon, reminiscent of Lo River ,exceeding one I shout and wrangle tract ;&quot ;the original Roselle is a camellia ,but I have not read Cao Zhi Lo River ,do not know what is .
.&quot ;&quot ;Ma Yu ,,do your literary dream ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings!&quot ;partner Wang Bin laughed :I at a loss ,knowledge repeatedly tut. But I have in the County Xinhua Bookstore clearly over the picture !I may not remember .
The faint ,do not put the flower is not green ,is not Roselle ?I slowly by Roselle reminiscent of lotus ,because of its pure, unsullied from mud ,so for thousands of years, many scholar loved it ,admire it .
Tonight, because Luo Qing ,Garnett,light ,clean ,clean, beautiful. I readily near it ,love it ,mind expansion .Clean ,green ,Happy Valentine's Day!,cloud .Smoke ,smoke ,light as a light mist shrouded, it embodies a noble moral beauty .
If the officer ,the nobleness of simplicity ,female .Light ,it is like painting is in the misty mountains ,sprinkle a layer of light blue, let the picture it the icing on the cake .
Reflects a profound artistic beauty .Jie reflects Ming ,wins ,net .It is the essence of all things ,the essence of people full of iniquities .Unclean ,unclean days from evil .Net beauty is more lovely .
Net ,repair light kit in a body, and the word layer .The only light in a clean and beautiful is all too beautiful. Roselle reflected, so I like Roselle ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,continue to admire it. Yet I never had a chance to read Lo River ,which made me very ashamed .
This day imperceptibly past .Time passes very quickly. In the past ,a week .I this belongs to our school to learn more .Life learning tends to normalize .We happily ,live happily learn .
We slowly develop a new habit of learning ,the students like reading books and magazines to .In admission to second weeks ,the class arrangement class work ,and rows of seats. When Zhang Jing school Custom officer.
More than 40 classdo not know where to absorb tremendous energy, all of a sudden change in the number of turns ,80 people.The reason is very simple ,the school received a great deal of the high Fei Sheng .
The rows of seats are all fair ,my teacher Ann size class ,give us row of seats .The whole class divided into three groups. The South North group ,the north and the South Group ,are among the three groups together.
I was discharged into the fifth row from the second table against the south ,very lucky ,Zhang Jing just in front of me. My deskmate called Li Ming is in town ,and Zhang Jing fellow .
He is the second batch of school .He wears a gray lining tracksuits ,handsome, is tall ,very tall, is friendly with me .That day ,I am very happy ,very happy .Happy week in bright, happy and his beloved girl at a sitting.
also strange, we do not together ,always over the numerous hills and streams together have a pleasant talk together ,learning about social music HH. We do not know how ?Two people meet four speechless ,usually only make homework say hello.
One day past ,she engaged in their own learning ,I on my math ,literature gradually time .In the imperceptibly through. I and Li Ming each other better. We often at night when speech .
The high class one seven we loudest, slowly the sound waves spread ,variable ,the wave ,a class full of students is the rustling voice. From then on ,self-study self-study in the evening there is always voice ,as if the market euqally lively.
We talked about everything ,but the most important also is European Championship ,NBA basketball tournament .It used for some of the stars ,the students gain the flush with shame ,conflicting ,fighting things ,also occurred frequently.
When Li Ming regularly in the activities about me down when playing basketball at that time .The class got a basketball ,two pieces of table tennis cup ,two badminton cup ,for everybody in the learning, self regulation .
But just didn football .Once because of this reason, I complained of teacher, and his theory of a ,also does not have a result ,then later settle a matter by leaving it unsettled .,I began to come into contact with basketball ,some clumsy-handed .
Li Ming ever played .He often said to me :unlike basketball football as complex, want to play basketball well ,as long as we grasp the three skills ,basically can be a good team player. But football is different ,what people !Dribble !At sixes and sevens ,irritated dead .
Talking about basketball ,Li Ming has a large set of theory. He often says :first, dribbling is very important, this is the most basic good basketball .Thirdly is pitching ,pitching to grasp the accurate words ,it is important to the success of the competition often is .
The backboard .The game should pay attention to seize the rebound ,only one team has effective control the rebound member, so as long as the players with good, game 1/3 winto grasp. A theory down ,said Li Ming pant for breath .
Slowly I basketball level to increase daily .Sometimes Li Ming very hard, to teach me an action ,he often and often give my presentation .I followed him ,but I do not know how ?Is not good .
Take turns speaking !I had studied for two days .I clearly remember clearly drew two full days of holidays to teach me .At that time, our country has not execute double cease day. I clearly remember it is celebration and Sunday the whole false .
She did not go home, and I playing basketball in the basketball court .Fast to the weather is not so hot ,he began to carry both hands holds the ball ,ball ,naturally a turn. The action is in the cool !Wild goose I am happy to like .
Like a child cried :&quot ;obviously ,I want to learn this turn. Good and easy !Good !But as overlord inclined body swinging machetes. It looks superficially ,longer distance - &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;see how far ?Asked it be wild with joy ,happily :&quot ;see ,I have not think of words ?Let me go away to see - &quot ;I slowly moved a step to more than 10 meters away fromsaid in a loud voice :&quot ;&quot ;like the bastard lay eggs .
This pronunciation too long !Then I to Li Ming a face ,ready to run .Li Ming far to get desperation ,shouted :&quot ;you little brat ,dare to take words to scold me, looked at the eating me a beating.
&quot ;after I listen to run up .Later ,Li Min and general seriously said :&quot ;Ma Yu ,I see you the ornamental and the combined plain properties .This action ,not suitable for learning .
Learning and hard work. If you really want to learn ,I show the greatest ability to teach you .&quot ;then began ,he and I slowly learn ,teach him again and again ,I and practiced .
One morning ,he is sweating ,I to see him so hard, distressed he said: &quot ;table, you too tired !I see also Is it. &quot ;he fire up :&quot ;what! You don .I make an ambiguous statement :&quot ;&quot ;no, I think you work too hard .
Not bear .&quot ;he listened ,somehow, even tears. After a while ,he said :&quot ;Ma Yu! So many years ,you to my best. This action I teaching you set .&quot ;he began endless told me about his history.
He said slowly :&quot ;I grew up to now ,all the others look down upon me ,tease me .When I was young, I am honest ,but looks thin ,often bullied by others .Play with me friends often cheated on me .
Even Li Jing could lie to me .When I came to do bad things and their theory ,they beat me .I often bruised back home. When the poor at home ,father the village said no ,so I often bullied .
Wait to grow up some ,I hate my childhood, so I do be careful ,people become smart .When father deal to send rich ,my home .I go to school when father often give me some pocket money ,I took the money don ,regular and students with gambling ,what scattered pages ! playing mahjong !Pick red ah HH everything done .
Often win also often lose, slowly put the school down .To junior high school for second years, Li Jingchang was very beautiful ,I like her .But she too often I bet ,while in a class, but she never spoke I am .
I am suffering .Once thought get rid of bad habits like ,but ,like all of a sudden change is not easy. I so junior game for three years. Others despise me, often with Li Jing a dig at me.
Today, I am a week ,home was the envy of my regards to me, but they and I am not !Now that Li Jing and I are in the same class ,she simply ignored me ,I am very afflictive !Over the years ,only you are good to me .
While in junior high school, had a few friends ,but they are in order to play basketball !&quot ;a long complain ,I listen I wondered .I see Li Ming is sad to comfort a conference ,then asked :&quot ;we have a Zhang Jing ,where is Li Jing ?He said with a smile :&quot ;&quot ;the table !I am really confused ,Zhang Jing is Li Jing! She mother family name Li ,a brother ,sister Zhang Jing minimum .
Long ,juicy ,her mother loves her. &quot ;in my heart straight wonder ,thought ;&quot ;no wonder ,since the rows of seats ,we together ,Zhang Jing wasn .&quot ;a day passed ,I still not much progress ,,always scolding me ,Li Ming always comfort me .
What some people call this action learning for a lifetime is the same .The very next day ,I in the help of Li Ming insisted, even God ,I succeed .In filled with the joy of success ,Li Ming and I ,hand in hand ,his right hand holding basketball ,walked into the classroom.
Closed off the night before ,the school night ,this is this school and other school out of the ordinary ,create new styles of the move .Just for the sake of the students got together for the very next day ,get ready for the class .
The night Zhang Jinglai late. Every time before receiving a holiday time she comes very early ,today do not know how, now the night ,haven see. I thought. I looked at Li Ming ,on the I said the same words .
He seemed to cry to me ,painfully low head ,said :&quot ;Ma Yu ,Zhang Jing ,not out of nothing !&quot ;&quot ;you don make blind and disorderly conjectures ,she must be here safely. &quot ;&quot ;Zhang Jinglai ,Adidas Wings,could you ask her ,usually come so early today ,how come So late ?&quot ;&quot ;I am afraid not !Well .
Besides the classroom so many students ,this is afraid is not good !&quot ;&quot ;good friend, good brother .I beg you .&quot ;she said she want to cry .&quot ;you have talent ,who looked handsome .
Zhang Jing love you ,only you can help me. Can a proper way of saying ?&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;I promise you .Slowly he smile ,I laugh .&quot ;Li Ming! Aren I follow her ?&quot ;I said :&quot ;no -- not afraid.
You are not going to - - - - - not to do so ,you are so good to me, how come? &quot ;&quot ;it all depends ,feeling is not so simple as we think .&quot ;&quot ;if ,in case she chased me ,how to do ?&quot ;&quot ;in case of Hh in the event ,we love each other ,how to do ?&quot ;&quot ;if you together ,I am assured .
Because you are my most love dearly beloved .If you go to the field, I quit .I don like Zhang Jing .I wish you happiness .&quot ;she said ,he wanted to cry ,haggard face cream ,such as play .
I was laughing ,with his fingers A clearly :&quot ;I and you kidding ?See you scared ,&quot ;&quot ;HA - &quot ;we laughed .&quot ;you little brat ,nearly to the die table .&quot ;while his hands patted my back ,I said .
Constantly dodge. Suddenly ,I think at the beginning of the very next day morning ,class come to school that day ,I am afraid ,afraid to say a word of Li Ming ,but in my heart is buried pain ,feel helpless to pretend to smile .

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